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Tuesday, June 19

Web 2.Tuesday: Edition 1

I am adding a new occasional series (we'll call it occasional now, with an aim for every Tuesday).

Web 2.Tuesday
is a little post on using the Web for "Enterprise 2.0" or just new ways to use new web tools to build a better business. Enjoy! [Unbeknownst to me me, this happens to be the week of the Enterprise 2.0 conference. You know a term has arrived when there is a conference!]

Topic of the day: blogs for weird purposes. I am the IT department's worst nightmare, I keep using free online tools, like Blogger, to take internal info outside the intranet. Not on purpose of course, but because my team isn't hip to "2.0" technologies beyond SaaS. If we had an internal blogging tool and approved RSS platform I'd move these projects there. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Centralize your alerts and notifications. Most blogging tools allow you to set up a "email to post" address. Have any sort of alerts you want (news alerts, system alerts, auto-generated emails) post directly to the blog. Use your RSS reader to review at your leisure, and declutter your inbox!

2. Save your articles and other reading material. Post the voracious reader's materials to your blog. Every company has one person sending never-ending articles on competitors, your company or the industry. Dump these messages to a blog, and tag them to make it easier to find the interesting and relevant ones later.

3. Project tracking. Every project has weird notes or other information you have to relay. Your company may or may not have a good project tracking tool, or may just use excel. Augment your tools with a blog on project status notes. When someone asks you about it, you can respond: read my blog. Of course you use this for info that isn't captured elsewhere, maybe as simple as action item notes, CYA documentations, or those emails where you have to cc everyone and their mother.

Use Businessweek's Tipsheet to sell your CEO.

Learn more about using Web 2.0 for Enterprise 2.0, and stay tuned for the next installment for Web 2.Tuesday.

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