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Monday, June 25

Learn Before you Leap

In my tenure at my current company, a few times there has been an attempt to bring in "seasoned management." The problem with the new management is two fold. In a company run by the founders, it is always hard for them to give up the reins, It is also hard to find out how things work when one person has the reins.

One recommendation for any new leader is to listen, reflect, observe, reflect, analyze, and then recommend. This of course sounds completely obvious and simple, but it doesn't always happen in reality. A couple of times we have these new managers come in with a big company mentality. They say "Fortune 500 companies do it this way and so should we." or "This works for Fortune 1000 companies so it should work for us."

Of course it might help to know what works and what doesn't. Ideally you would want to shadow any individual with a role or impact in what you aim to change or accomplish. Of course in a small company, there isn't always time for that. The next best thing is to ask lots of questions. And don't assume your first meeting will yield the right, honest answers. After going through the first round. Reflect and analyze, then ask more questions based on the initial observations. Analyze again. Then you might be on track to make recommendations based in reality.

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