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Monday, June 4

185 Million Results and Counting

Are we done yet?

Just a quick check. A google search for
"web 2.0" turned up 185 Million pages. That means there is about 1 page for every 2 Americans. This is worse than the 1 to 50 ratio of people to realtors ratio in 2006 in California.

Once there are a few conferences/expos/summits dubbed Web 2.o, that signals the end of an era. Other Internet terms put out to pasture:

  1. ASP -- Application Service Provider, renamed Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. SSP -- Storage Service Provider, lumped in with the Managed Services Provider Umbrella (MSP)
  3. Dotcom --- no explanation needed here, replacement Web 2.0 Company

Have we identified Web 3.0 yet? There are 1.4M pages are already speculating. And don't worry, some fortunetellers are already predicting Web 5.0.

I'll just cut to the chase and jump to Web Google, since there is no need to call it Web

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice to be known as a fortune teller =)

(I'm Oli from ThePCSpy who you linked to for Web 5.0)