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Thursday, June 14

Positioning the Intangibles

One thing that tends to to happen in the tech industry, the people in charge are "engineering types" and engineering types get really excited about the technology. And then focus on speeds, feeds and horsepower. At some point in every niche, there are a few players with virtually similar systems, all offering up the same functions, specifications and applications.

Once this happens its time to bring in the "marketing types." The marketing types tend to be better at communicating the intangibles. The sorts of things that customers and prospects can grab onto, but cannot be easily quantified or compared with the competition. Selling the soft features becomes key. It is pretty hard to win the deal by focusing only on specs, when everything looks virtually the same, so understanding the intangible stuff the prospect is looking for: service, compatibility, ease of use or even product vision are all possibilities. These intangibles can overcome price, tech specs and other 'drawbacks.' Once the prospect falls in love with these items, it is harder for the competition to win. Get into the heads of your customers and focus on the soft features.

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