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Saturday, December 1

Lost Web 2.Tuesday Post

It's Web 2.Tuesday again. This week I'll look at how B2B can use the new technologies to attract customer, increase interaction with prospects and more.

Over the past few months I have been thinking a lot about how my company can use its website as a lead generation tool, not just an image creation tool I started thinking about how I use the web and find the info I am looking for. First and foremost, I tend to use mental tags. Once I enabled desktop search on my computer, these tags became more essential, and I tried to incorporate this idea into my file names to make them easier to find. I then realize, when looking at my competitors websites, I could never find the info I wanted in the search, so I thought combining tags, and search, in the same way blogs do, would make it easier to find info on our new website. This idea of tagging served as the core unifying philosophy of the redesign. B2B websites tend to be petty insular, and not customer focused. Prospects now are looking for a more balanced approach in finding information about products and services they are looking for. It's our job as a vendor, to be transparent and let our prospects and other target audiences find what they are looking for easily! Prospects are looking for more voices, especially in technology, to get a balanced opinion on technologies. It's our job to help them out!

I guess a few other people have ideas on taking advantage of the new web, and here is a great top 10 list of ideas!
Top 10 Ways to Add Social Media to B2B Marketing:
Social media marketing is emerging as a viable business-to-business marketing, public relations option. It is even becoming a useful so-called Web 2.0 tool for executing business strategy, as companies obtain valuable customer preferences and opinions from their online communities."